Ambis was established by the merger of two higher education institutions – the College of Regional Development and Banking Institute –, so you may not have heard of our new name until recently.

Rector’s foreword

It is our priority to ensure that our students embark on a business career immediately upon graduation. That is why Ambis education programmes and professional training are based on practice-oriented learning principles.

We are part of COGNOS AG, which is one of the largest private independent educational groups operating in Germany. In the Czech Republic, our history is the longest of all non-state-run tertiary colleges. Since 2001, we have awarded degrees to more than 13,200 graduates who pursue careers in both business and public sectors.

Why to study at Ambis?

Experts transfer hands-on experience to students.

Not only well-versed academic lecturers but also practitioners in the field bring their expertise in teaching Ambis students, engaging them in the learning experience – theoretical knowledge and practical skills combined –, thus optimising graduates’ employability.

Flexible approach to all students

Each student’s comfort matters. We are creating an atmosphere of openness and partnership, fostering a supportive, student-centred environment.

Courses with or without maths

Practically-based education at Ambis offers a wide choice of courses which do not include mathematics, those that do providing adequate assistance to less mathematically advanced students.