Business Economics and Management

Bachelor’s degree courses

Tuition fee

18 900 Kč
per semester

The field

Business Economics and Management


3 years

Form of study

full-time or part-time (combined)


Bachelor of Science (Bc., bakalář in Czech)

Dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, brand manager or a market research specialist?

Join the undergraduate programme for would-be entrepreneurs and managers – the express to real business. We place emphasis on close links to management practices and the use of the acquired knowledge in real life and business conditions.

You will mature both professionally and personally.

All BEM degree courses typically encompass training in the management of every segment of an organization. You will master effective interpersonal communication with fellow workers, subordinates, partners and clients, improving your team performance and management, becoming a powerful motivator.

You will also develop your speaking and presentation skills in front of audiences of different sizes.