Introduction to Psychology

Cíle předmětu:

The student knows and can explain the basic knowledge of general psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology and personality psychology, which belong to the basic psychological disciplines. The student critically analyzes and implements the knowledge of general psychology in practice. He applies methodology and methods of psychology in solving some practical problems in the field of people management.


1. Subject, tasks, classification and importance of psychological sciences.

2. History of psychology and main directions of contemporary psychology.

3. Basics of methodology and methods of psychology.

4. Cognitive processes.

5. Emotions and motivation.

6. Memory and learning.

7. Basics of ontogenetic psychology, determinants of mental development.

8. Man in the web of interpersonal relationships.

9. Personality - origin, development, formation, structure, dynamics.

10. Personality traits.

11. Cognition of personality.

12. Coping with difficult life situations.