World Affairs in Light of International Law

Zaměření předmětu

The course aims to provide the students a general and comprehensive approach to international relations while introducing the international legal perspective. Students will learn both the essentials of public international law and particular legal regimes such as coercion, use of force, human rights, State territory and statehood with respect to selected world affairs and topical international questions. The course will show the interaction between international politics and law and the role of international law in the world governance. It’s focus both on theory and practice and on interdisciplinarity will help students to better understand international negotiation, norm-making, legal argumentation and interpretative techniques.


Výstupy předmětu - výstupy učení

Students will get acquainted with both general and particular rules of International Law and their application on topical or recent major world affairs, notably in the domain of coercion, use of force, human rights and statehood. This will allow the students to understand international relations in all the complexity and the dynamics between politics and law. Students will learn how to argue efficiently in law, how to defend national strategies, „read“ political statements worldwide in light of international law, negotiate in international relations, interpret international treaties and assess the legality of States´ conduct in general.


Hlavní témata - hlavní problémové okruhy

1. International relations and international law

2. Basic concepts of Public International Law

3. International community

4. Sources of Public International Law

5. Panorama of current world affairs

6. Coercion in international relations

7. UN collective security system

8. Use of force in the world

9. Human rights today

10. State sovereignty and international spaces

11. Violation of international law and consequences

12. New challenges in international relations and legal prospects